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Monitoring Service

The UBUNTU Control Room was established in September 2001. At that time the Control Room was small and consisted of one controller and two guard sites.

In the 20 years since our Control Room has grown from its humble beginnings to a fully functional state of the art Control Centre. From one controller it has grown to a staff count of  three operators per shift, an Operational Manager and a 2IB on shift.  Every 24 hours period consists of 3 full shifts, operating round the clock for seven days a week.

The Control Centre consists of three major departments. Alarm Monitoring & Response, Guarding Control and CCTV Monitoring.

Alarm Monitoring and Response

To ensure the effective 24 hour Monitoring of our Control Center it is equipped with the latest proven technology, assuring a complete backup system(hardware, software and in house IT personnel) that enables the centre to remain operational in events such as power failures, lightning strikes, general equipment/software failures, etc.

Ubuntu Security is a specialist in 24-hour monitoring of security systems and can monitor various types of signals from our clients, differentiating between normal household and commercial applications and security monitors.

Alarm signals from domestic appliances include the following:
  • Special code when a user is forced to disarm alarm system

  • PANIC - Distress emergency at premise require armed response / SAPS assistance

  • MEDICAL - Medical emergency at premise require paramedical response assistance

  • FIRE - Fire emergency at premise require fire-brigades assistance

  • BURGLARY - Specific area or zone violation require armed response assistance

  • MAINS FAIL - Indicating power failure at premise

  • LOW BATTERY - Indicating low battery condition at premise

  • SYSTEM TEST - Ensuring effective communication & system operation

  • TECHNICAL - Includes: Fuse Blow, Siren trouble, Technical assistance required, etc.

Commercial Monitoring include the following:

  • Opening Identification

  • Closing Identification

  • Opening or Closing missed, when no opening or closing was received from the premises

  • Specialised Monitoring, eg. gas detection, fridge temperature etc.


Off Site Monitoring

  • Off Site Monitoring allows you to concentrate on your core business while we watch your business for you.

  • With technology advancements CCTV has become the most valuable and cost effective method of loss prevention, safety and security tools available today.

  • The Ubuntu Control Centre can also monitor and control electric systems such as lights, doors and alarm systems

By investing in the CCTV system your company’s overheads are reduced leading to an increase in profit through:
  • Reduction in employee theft and inventory shrinkage

  • Deter crime by visual monitoring

  • Improvement of management control

  • Protection of physical assets


Let Ubuntu Security design a fully customized system to suit your business’ unique needs and provide you with complete training, maintenance and ongoing customer support.