K9 Unit

Canine units are available to suit any type of situation e.g. crowd control, firearm awareness, seek and find as well as corridor canines.

Canines are selected to best suit the client’s needs and the geographical surroundings.

For the protection of people, property, assets and operations, dogs are a unique asset offering many 
invaluable qualities. For hundreds of years dogs have been used to guard and protect. Security dogs are an unrivalled deterrent:
  The dog's smell, sense and hearing supersedes that of the handler/security officer.

  • Dogs are incorruptible.

  • Dogs can detect intruders in conditions humans cannot.

  • Dogs are a psychological deterrent to criminals.

  • Unlike a firearm, a dog can not be used against its handler.

  • Dogs provide an additional barrier that intruders need to disable.

  • Dogs are an excellent early warning mechanism, allowing guards time to call for help, or raise the alarm