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UBUNTU offers the following Guarding Services:

Armed Security Officers

Banking Security

Business Park Security

Industrial Security

Residential Estate Security

Retail Security

General Guarding Services

Estate Security

Ubuntu Guards are well versed in the application and management of modern security technology.

Due to our service excellence our clients are loyal supporters who are eager to extend their Ubuntu services package to see to their business needs. The Guarding aspect is the largest and most visible sector of the security industry, concerned with safeguarding of fixed assets, property and people.

Commercial Guarding Services:

The supply of specially trained, uniformed and equipped security officers to blend in with the mage of the commercial environment and to deal with its peculiarities, such as a demanding public and high expectation from tenants etc.

Access Control:

Controlling the access people and/or assets to a broad base of premises, which include industrial, commercial, office parks, high rises, motor industries, residential, agricultural, fuel depots and government support infrastructures.

Civil disobedience and/or riot control:

The ability to provide specifically trained security officers to operate within the specialized and often unfriendly industrial environment. To deal with large numbers of employees, the complexity of industrial plants, their size and sometimes their remoteness form other developments.

 Retail Security:
  • Ensuring that tenants are able to conduct their business without fear of criminal interference.

  • Ubuntu provides a comprehensive security and safety service to retail owners and  their tenants.

  • Prior to the commencement of any service a full risk survey and report will be undertaken in conjunction with specifications received from client.

Internal Security:
  • We offer highly visible security officers at entrances and exit points tasked with identifying potential criminal elements.

  • Security officers are trained in all aspects of security discipline, with strong emphasis on observations, visibility, public relation skills and communications.

  • Officers will be dressed in purpose designed uniforms, unique to Ubuntu standards.

External Security:
  • Parking areas patrolled by safety officers on foot or bicycle, which effectively discourages potential criminal elements through presence and identification of suspicious individuals.

  • Safety officers perform a public relations function as they are able to provide general information regarding the respective retail of customers.

Residential Estate Security:
  • To provide an all encompassing service to golfing and residential estates and in doing so give residents and visitors the highest levels of safety and security.

  • To complete a comprehensive survey of the estate or property and to compile a report and recommendations around the full spectrum of safety and security.

Management involvement and support:

Regular meetings are held with clients and operational staff while senior management visits estates during and after working hours for security updates.

Perimeter Security:

To control and monitor the perimeter of the estate with regular patrols supported by measures such as CCTV, security fences, security walls and other electronic equipment.

Access control:

To manage the access and egress of all residents, visitors, domestic workers, contractors, casual labour, estate agents and any deliveries to the estate through the use of dedicated access cards, CCTV, pre-clearance of visitors and other contract specific measures.

Armed Reaction:

To provide immediate response for emergencies by way of armed reaction when required.