Reaction Services

Ubuntu Security owns a large fleet of response vehicles on permanent control. Our fleet is active 24 hours a day and is manned by efficient, highly trained response officers. Every vehicle is in radio contact with the Ubuntu Security Control Room, receiving and sending critical information pertaining to alarm activation and incidents.

We have a 24 hour GPS tracking on all our vehicles. This allows our Control Room to dispatch the vehicle in closest proximity to a client’s premises in an emergency.

The Control Room dispatcher can also guide the response vehicle to the specific premises in faster time. When an alarm is triggered the Control Room not only dispatches the Armed Response Vehicle but keeps in radio contact with the Reaction Officers to guide and support.

Before an officer is appointed they have to pass background and criminal checks.

Officers are put through rigorous Physical & Mental testing to ensure that they are fit and able to perform their duties.

Regular Polygraph tests ensure that our response officers are reliable and above suspicion.

Continuous training improves services levels and increase performance.

At Ubuntu we invest in our people by providing training that keeps them on high performance levels and ahead of the criminals.

Regular evaluation of Reaction Officers is done to ensure performance

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